STA Booking Process

STA Booking Process

1 Fill out enquiry online via our website.

Receive a call from one of Roar Agency’s STA Consultants or respond to an email if we cannot reach you by phone.


Organise your support worker or choose Roar Support worker is applicable


Receive and complete your Service Agreement.


Roar Agency will check with your Plan Manager to confirm funding availability.


Choose accommodation.


Choose activities. 


Choose either a Coles or Woolworths voucher.


Everything will be paid for/reimbursed and your itinerary/tickets sent to you via email 48 hours prior to your STA s

Please note that we cannot book anything until your service agreement is signed and your plan manager has approved your funding.

To speed up this process, we appreciate you signing the Service Agreement as soon as you can.

You can also call your plan manager upfront, so they know to expect an email from us.
Please rest assured that you will receive everything 2 days before your STA.

We will always try our best to send you your itinerary 1 week in advance.

If your STA is booked far in advance, we may not contact you for a period of time until your STA comes closer. We generally follow up 2 weeks before your STA to discuss any further questions.

If you would like to stay at an accommodation or do any activities that require prepayment and do not align with our cancellation policy, we ask you to please prepay and we will reimburse you 2 days before the start of your STA.