Hi! We are Roar Agency

At Roar Agency, we take pride in delivering a high-quality and personalized service. We understand that everyone’s journey is unique, and you deserve a support plan crafted specifically for you. That’s why we invest time in getting to know you, ensuring we build a support plan that aligns with your individual goals.

As a genuine and caring team, we collaborate closely with you to provide customized support, tailored to your journey and aspirations. Our kind, caring, and confident team members possess the experience and compassion needed to help you find the Roar within you.

Meet the Team

Greg Lacy
Service Delivery Manager
Greg, a highly skilled and experienced leader in the Disability sector with four years of industry experience, is fueled by a deep passion for making a positive impact on families.

As the Service Delivery Manager, he navigates dynamic responsibilities, including business growth, relations, complaints management, and marketing/advertising.

Greg is committed to ensuring Participants not only receive top-notch services but also enjoy a positive and rewarding customer experience with us.

Growing up with friends who had a sibling with Autism, Greg intimately understands the challenges families face. Despite the daily struggles, he witnessed moments of joy and unique insights brought by individuals with disabilities.

On a personal note, Greg, beyond his four years in the disability industry, loves fitness and actively promotes well-being. Alongside his mission to help families find joy, you’ll often find him embracing an active lifestyle.

Chloe Murphy
Operations Manager
With 17 years of experience in the disability industry. Chloe’s decision to pursue a career in this field was heavily influenced by her family’s involvement, coupled with impactful encounters during her formative years. ‘At a young age, I had the privilege of interacting with remarkable individuals with various disabilities. These encounters left a lasting impression, shaping my perspective to see beyond disabilities and recognize the inherent value in each person.’

One of the most fulfilling aspects of Chloe’s role lies in the focus on operational excellence. The overarching goal is to establish robust processes and policies that empower Support Workers and the Service Delivery Team to provide outstanding services to Participant. Chloe derives immense satisfaction from knowing that this work directly contributes to enhancing the quality of life for Participants. Their needs and aspirations serve as her primary motivation, driving her to continuously strive for improvement and innovation.

On a lighter note, a fun fact about Chloe is that she was born in the UK and relocated to Australia with her family when she was just 2 years old. This unique background has enriched her perspective, instilling in her a sense of cultural diversity and appreciation for different experiences.

Emily Collis
People, Community and Culture Manager
As the People, Community, and Culture Manager at Roar Agency, Emily brings a wealth of passion and dedication to her role. With a background rooted in a personal journey, Emily’s commitment to inclusivity and support stems from her experiences with her step-son, Josh, who has Autism.

Driven by the desire to create a community where every individual feels valued and empowered, Emily founded Roar Agency with a vision of personalized support for both Participants and Employees. Her journey with Josh highlighted the critical need for tailored services, prompting her to establish a support business that prioritizes individualised care and understanding.

Emily’s passion for helping people extends beyond her professional role. She finds immense joy and fulfillment in working with individuals and families, collaborating with them to achieve their goals and aspirations.

With Emily’s leadership, Roar Agency strives to foster a culture of inclusivity, support, and genuine connection. Every interaction, whether with Participants, families, or Employees, is guided by Emily’s unwavering dedication to creating a community where everyone feels appreciated and supported.

Emily cherishes travel as an opportunity to create lasting memories with her family. Whether exploring new destinations or enjoying quality time together, Emily finds solace and joy in these moments of adventure and connection.

Morgan Creighton
Recruitment Manager
Morgan is a dynamic and dedicated recruitment leader at Roar Agency. With a deep-seated passion for fostering supportive environments, Morgan is wholeheartedly dedicated to cultivating a workplace where both Participants and Staff not only feel valued but also encouraged to flourish.

In her pivotal role, Morgan leads the recruitment efforts to ensure that Roar Agency’s Participants are matched with the right Support Worker. She firmly believes that these connections are instrumental in empowering individuals to reach their goals. Morgan derives immense satisfaction from contributing to the team’s growth and development.

Morgan’s profound respect for her team is palpable in her recruitment approach, where she prioritises aligning skills, values, and aspirations to forge enduring and meaningful partnerships. Her unwavering passion for the industry shines brightly as she tirelessly works to make a positive impact on the lives of Participants and Support Workers alike.

On a lighter note, in her leisure time, Morgan finds joy in playing the piano—having been classically trained—and is an avid enthusiast of holidays, always eager to explore new destinations and experiences.

Ann Menzies
Regional Team Lead – Greater Brisbane/Logan
Around a decade ago, Ann found her true calling in the Disability Industry, and it has been her passion ever since. With experiences ranging from being working in Education Support in a Special School to serving as an NDIS Support Coordinator and a Support Worker, Ann has witnessed firsthand the profound impact of personalised care. She deeply understands the significance of matching Participants with their ideal support networks, believing that life is enriched through meaningful connections and empowering individuals to lead fulfilling lives with the right support.

Joining the remarkable team at Roar Agency fills Ann with immense joy. Here, she has the privilege of assisting others in making tangible improvements in their lives by meticulously pairing Participants with suitable Support Workers. Her goal is to ensure that each person receives the tailored assistance and attention necessary to create meaningful experiences and accomplish their objectives. For Ann, this isn’t merely a job; it’s a calling—an opportunity to make a genuine difference in the lives of others.

Driven by a desire to have a positive impact, Ann is committed to ensuring that every individual receives the support required to thrive. If you’re seeking someone who brings warmth, enthusiasm, and a wealth of passion to everything they do, your search ends here. Let’s embark on this journey together, where new beginnings and endless possibilities await!

Marama Pearce
Regional Team Leader – Gold Coast
Meet Marama, a name rich with cultural heritage and celestial significance. Hailing from the vibrant city of Christchurch, New Zealand, Marama brings a breath of fresh air to the Gold Coast, where she’s been defrosting for just over two years.

Under the luminous glow of a full moon, Marama entered the world with a round face, earning her the name that encapsulates her essence. Embracing her Māori roots, Marama embodies the serenity and mystery of the moon, infusing her life with a sense of wonder and connection to nature.

With her blend of cultural heritage, warmth, and dedication to personal growth and empowerment, Marama is a shining example of strength, resilience, and compassion. She is a devoted advocate for self-care, exploring avenues from creative arts to mindfulness practices and the art of cooking nourishing meals. Firmly rooted in the belief that one must prioritize their own well-being to effectively support others, Marama dedicates herself to self-care as a means of showing up fully for herself and those she cares about, both personally and professionally.

In her role at Roar, Marama is passionate about recognizing the intricacies and challenges of managing complex lives. She sees the potential for these connections to blossom into beautiful, trusting relationships. Through thoughtful matchmaking, Marama aims to empower Participants to take control of their lives and flourish in their own unique ways.

Chaye Rogers-Holt
Operations and Service Delivery Support
Originally from Melbourne, Chaye is a creative individual with a passion for dance and a love for exploring new destinations to gain fresh perspectives and outlooks.

As the eldest sibling and with two brothers on the Autism Spectrum (one non-verbal), Chaye naturally developed a strength in caring for others.

“I am drawn to Roar because it allows me to form meaningful connections with Participants and hear their stories. I am deeply passionate about helping people discover the beauty in life. The most rewarding aspect for me is witnessing the smiles on their faces as they capture moments during STAs—I feel incredibly grateful to be a part of their journey.’

Jenn Quiambao
Finance Administrator
With a passion for finance accuracy and process improvements, Jenn brings valuable expertise to the Disability industry. Motivated by the opportunity to make a meaningful impact in people’s lives, she excels in financial management tasks.

Beyond her professional endeavour, Jenn enjoys various hobbies, including gaming and immersing herself in the world of Harry Potter. At home, she shares her space with eight rescued cats, with one lucky feline enjoying the comforts indoors.

Additionally, Jenn is a dedicated foodie who delights in capturing culinary experiences through photography, showcasing both the delectable creations her partner prepares and the memorable dishes from the restaurants they visit.

Alli Keating
Short Term Accommodation – Team Leader
Meet Alli, typically your initial point of contact when inquiring about an STA with Roar Agency.

With extensive expertise spanning various industries, her genuine passion for the Disability Sector stands out prominently. “I have a son with ASD/ADHD, and my Father has been living with debilitating Post Polio Syndrome since he was 3 years old. Additionally, my mother has battled clinical depression throughout her life.”

Alli is driven by the desire to leverage her personal experiences to empower others to initiate simple, positive changes in their lives. “I am deeply passionate about assisting Participants in organizing memorable moments, and I find immense joy in collaborating with such a compassionate and dedicated team.’

Rawinia Houia
STA Consultant
Originally from Tauranga, New Zealand, Ra is one of a few at Roar with Māori heritage. As a proud Mother of two, Ra brings invaluable experience to the STA team, boasting over 12 years in the Travel & Tourism Industry.

Actively engaged in her local community sports scene and a dedicated parent, Ra finds joy in brightening someone’s day or making their life a bit easier. Her passion for helping others naturally drew her to the disability industry. Working with Roar Agency enables her to cultivate trusting relationships with Participants while crafting memorable STAs.

“A significant highlight for me is witnessing our participants make strides toward achieving their NDIS goals,” she shares. Ra takes pride in participants feeling confident in returning to her for future STAs, knowing that each time, she’ll deliver excellent service.

Katelyn Smith
STA Consultant
Katie, a passionate baker and skilled cook, finds solace in nature through walks and hiking in her spare time. Working for Roar Agency brings her immense joy, not only because she has the opportunity to meet a diverse range of people but also because it allows her to see the world through a fresh perspective.

“I wanted to make a difference and help improve other people’s lives. It’s incredibly rewarding to know that even making someone’s life 1% easier or happier can have a profound impact,” she shares.

Katie finds the most fulfillment in seeing the photos of Participants enjoying the STAs they created together. One of her most treasured memories is organising her first STA with a Participant who hadn’t had time away to himself in over 25 years.

Jessie Burnett
STA Consultant
A lover of all things quirky and vintage, Jess takes pride in her renovated ’69 Millard Caravan and her two beautiful kids.

Growing up surrounded by family members facing disabling mental health complexities, including BPD, and eventually losing her Dad to their own struggles, Jess draws from her experiences to help others.

Her passion for travel and her skills in the industry align perfectly with her role, and she is proud to be a part of the Roar Agency Team. “You just need one person in life to show up and show care, and I hope I can be that person for someone,” she says. “Creating lasting relationships with Participants and assisting them in achieving their goals on respite is an unmatched feeling.”

Ariana Trueman
STA Consultant
Ariana enriches our STA team at Roar Agency with her abundant knowledge and unwavering passion. We’re delighted that she has made the transition from her previous role as a Support Worker with Roar Agency to join us in this new capacity.

A bundle of happy energy, Ariana enjoys attending musical festivals, traveling, and keeping fit in her spare time. She also values spending quality time with friends and exploring nature, seeking out perfect hikes and waterfalls. With a background in fitness coaching, Ariana’s drive to help others was sparked by her previous industry experience.

She finds fulfilment in assisting Participants in overcoming mental barriers, which led her to pursue a career in supporting for others. “Working for Roar Agency has been rewarding in so many different ways, but knowing that I am making a positive difference in someone’s everyday life makes coming to work so easy.’

Madelyn Clark
Rostering Team Leader
I’m Maddy, and I’ve been working in the disability industry for almost six years now. As a chronically ill & disabled person myself, working in this field allows me to connect with others who share similar experiences. It’s immensely fulfilling to support and advocate for individuals facing challenges like mine, and I find great joy in making a positive impact in their lives.

Outside of work, I’m a proudly queer & neurodivergent person with a passion for travel/camping and photography. I believe in the power of self-expression and love to immerse myself in various artistic pursuits.

Charlotte Hooker
Service Delivery Administrator
As a dedicated team member at Roar Agency, I specialise in rostering and administration, ensuring seamless support for NDIS participants. With a passion for connecting with people, I bring a global perspective, having travelled the world working on sailing yachts before beginning with Roar in 2024.

My love for hearing diverse stories from individuals of all backgrounds fuels my enthusiasm for problem-solving and providing personalised solutions. At Roar Agency, I am committed to fostering a supportive environment where every participant and support workers needs are met with empathy and efficiency