Hi! We are Roar Agency

At Roar Agency, we pride ourselves on offering our customers a quality and personalised service. We believe everyone’s journey is unique and you deserve a tailored support plan made just for you. That’s why we spend the time to get to know you and build a plan that will best support you to achieve your goals.

We are a genuine, caring group who will work closely with you to ensure your NDIS funding is targeted to give you the best outcomes.

As a boutique provider we have the time and focus to provide truly customised support – all built around you working towards your goals. Our kind, caring, confident workers have the experience and compassion to help find the Roar in you. 

Meet the Team

Greg Lacy

National Care Manager

Greg is a highly skilled and experienced leader. Greg’s passion for the Disability sector comes from seeing the impact disability can have on the family unit. In this role, Greg is responsible for business growth and relations, complaints management and marketing / advertising, ensuring Participants have a positive and rewarding customer experience with us.

“Growing up my two best friends who I lived with from time to time had a brother with Autism, I saw the struggle of the whole family in many ways. From the morning process of a life that could have been, the stress negative behaviour brings, the feeling of the parents being so occupied that they must not love you as much, to the joyful moments that only a person with a disability can bring into your life.

My mission is to help families find joy in life and to be the best version of themselves.”

Chloe Murphy

Compliance and Program Director

Chloe has worked with many families to firstly prepare for the NDIS and then implement their plan. Chloe’s qualifications include a Certificate IV in Community Services and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Chloe is a highly skilled and experienced leader who has worked in a variety of senior roles in disability for over 12 years. In this role, Chloe is responsible for development and implementation of policies and processes, ensuring that Participants receive a quality and streamlined service and staff are supported.

“I understand the importance of being a good listener and understanding your wants, desires, needs and frustrations. I am passionate and dedicated to delivering a quality, personal service that will enable you to maximise your NDIS funding. Together
we can think creatively, focusing on supporting you to build your skills and direct your life”.

Emily Collis

Group Co-ordinator

Emily is the Founder of Roar Agency. Her dream for Roar Agency is for Participants and Employees to feel included in a community where each person feels appreciated and supported.

“I am very passionate about helping people. I love working with individuals and families to help them / their loved ones to achieve their goals. As we embarked on our journey to find optimal supports for my step-son, Josh, the need in the support worker space for a truly personalized service became evident. Along the way we met with so many other carers and Participants who were also struggling to get optimal supports for their loved ones. After trialing bigger groups, through to support worker platforms to find the right match to truly understand and assist Josh, but with little success, I decided that I needed to gather a team of professional and establish a new kind of support business”.

Morgan Creighton

Employee and Participant Relations Manager

Morgan is a passionate and dedicated leader. Morgan’s role is to provide a supportive environment where both Participants and Staff feel valued, encouraged and supported. Morgan is very passionate about matching the right Support Worker with Participants to help them reach their goals. She is committed to ensuring the smooth running of supports between Participants and Staff and has a high level of respect for her team. 

 “I am and have always been a ‘helper’…which is why my job is so rewarding! I am satisfied when I can make something easier for others, which is why I thrive in healthy team environments! I like to make the people around me feel comfortable. As well as being a very approachable person I know the importance of making sure everyone is happy, healthy and having fun! I am a very happy-go-lucky person and always try to keep a positive mindset.”